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Research Progress
   ISL summarized and prospected the research on the separation and ex...  
   α-Al2O3 powder with controlled morphology and crystal structure pr...  
   New progress in the structure of borate aqueous solution  
   New findings were obtained in the study of the precipitation of lit...  
Societies & Publications
Academic Exchanges
  The 6th Youth Geoscience Forum was successfully held in Xining (10-21)

  From October 12 to 15, the 6th Youth Geoscience Forum was held in Xining City, Qinghai Province. The conference was hosted by the Council of the Youth Geoscience Forum and the Geoscience branc...
  The 21th Academic Salon was held by Group of Youth Innovation ... (08-07)

  On August 3, the 18th Youth Promotion Association Academic Salon was held in ISL. Invited by the Science and Technology Department, the Salt Lake Resources Chemistry Laboratory and the Group o...
  36th International Conference on Solution Chemistry Conference... (08-06)

  On August 5th, 36th International Conference on Solution Chemistry Conference, hosted by Qinghai Salt Lake Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Co-organized by Tianjin University...
  Key Laboratory of Comprehensive and Efficient Utiliz... (2019-10-27)
  The Inauguration Ceremony of the National Institute ... (2019-08-02)
  ISL and Lanzhou University signed a comprehensive co... (2019-07-17)
  ISL and Xining Municipal People's Government signed ... (2019-05-21)
  Delegation of the Mining Secretariat of the Salta Pr... (2019-04-23)
  ISL successfully held the first Poster Competition (2019-04-14)
Services and facilities
Resour & Environ Inform Center
Analytical & Test Center
Chem & Chem Eng Pilot Lab
E. Taijinar Field Station
Upcoming Events
36th International Conference on Solution Chemistry (36ICSC or ICSC2019)...
15th international Symposium on Solubility Phenomena and Related Equilib...
Midwest Symposium on Inorganic Chemistry and Chemical Engineering 2010
Lectures by Scientists from Hamburg University
International Cooperation
International Projects
International Conferences
Joint Institutes
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